Hello everyone and welcome to Naija Noona

My name is Tope, I am Nigerian born and raised (mostly), I’ve been living in Canada since 2005 and I am Korean at heart. I fell in love with K Dramas after my husband stumbled upon Moon Embracing the Sun on Netflix and I have not looked back since. I have now seen over 120 different Korean tv shows and 30 Korean movies and I have no plans on stopping 😊.

My K Profile

  • Favourite Actor:Kim Soo Hyun
  • Runners up: Park Seo Joon & Nam Joo Hyuk
  • Favourite Actress: Shin Min Ah & Seo Ye Ji
  • Runner up: Jun Ji Hyun
  • Favourite show: I hate to pick buuuttt I have to go with Moon Embracing the Sun,Least favourite show: So I married the Ani-Fan...I don’t know how I finished this show
  • Favourite Genre: Romantic Comedies. This was hard to admit as this is generally not my favourite genre to watch because I find most romcoms “empty” but not with K Dramas, they add depth and emotion to theirs and they are just a pleasure to watch.
  • Next 3 shows on my to-watch list: Vincenzo, Korea Related bucket list items: Drinking Soju and eating pork belly on Jeju Island and singing badly at a Norebang (Karaoke)

I started this blog because before starting a new show, I spend a lot of time looking up reviews and lists to help me pick a show, so I’ve decided to do reviews of my own to help out someone else like me scouring the web for proper reviews (not counting the one-liners on DramaFever).